Implementation Services

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little details make big things happen.”
– John Wooden

Our clients depend on us to keep things running smoothly.

This includes managing approved projects to ensure strict compliance with regulations and complete projects on time and on budget. We work with affected residents in the community to enlist their support and participation in a project's success.

Thanks to our proven, creative and efficient approach, our clients have received coveted designations and additional funding.



The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) established TIGER discretionary grants to fund capital investments in surface transportation infrastructure. These grants are awarded to projects that have a significant impact on the entire country, a metropolitan area or a specific region. The 2016 TIGER grant program focuses on capital projects that boost economic development and improve access to safe and affordable transportation for urban and rural communities.

Triad was brought on to help South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC), Conrail and Salem County implement a TIGER III grant they received in September 2013. The grant is being used to make critical infrastructure improvements to the South Jersey Port Corporation’s Paulsboro Marine Terminal, a state of the art shipment facility and one of the busiest in the Mid-Atlantic region. The grant will also go toward several Conrail and Salem County projects, including replacing the bridge deck and wire ropes on the Delair Bridge and replacing spans and structure components on Oldmans Trestle and several portions of the Salem Running Track. Between the three partners, there are thirteen projects currently being completed in two counties.

Thanks to Triad’s implementation, DOT awarded an additional $5 million dollars toward the project. As a result, funding increased from $18 million to $23 million.