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How a Grant Can Help Your Business

Raising capital. The dark cloud that looms over countless operations. Whether you’re a community outreach program, nonprofit, or small business, the task of funding projects can prove tiresome. Grants can be an invaluable resource to organizations looking to explore new opportunities. Purpose, execution strategies, and an effective grant writing plan are critical components in securing

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4 Reasons why hiring a Grant Writer is a Must

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Grant Writer is a Must

Does your business, nonprofit, or organization need funding for a special project? Applying for a grant may be the way to go. A grant is a form of financial aid, coordinated with a federal, state, regional, or local entity for a specific purpose. Purposes include facility upgrades, new equipment, neighborhood development, and much more. Applying

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Grant Writing Wildwood NJ

Grant writing training that works!

Triad continues to invest in their employees by sending them to valuable training sessions specific to grant writing programs as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This specialized training has yielded exceptional results for our client, the City of Wildwood, NJ. With help from Triad Associates, the Wildwood Fire Department received $1.3 million from three

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Neighborhood Planning

The Growing Importance of Neighborhood Planning

 Source: Unsplash/Pixabay Neighborhood planning has become increasingly important throughout the United States. Neighborhood plans are becoming more widely known for carrying a greater impact on the quality of life of a community. In fact, the Obama administration recently organized the White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative with an emphasis on transforming neighborhoods. Following suit, foundations and Federal

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Vacation Home For Blind Children

Triad Secures $34,885 Grant For the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home For Blind Children

Source: Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children Triad Associates, Inc. has secured a $34,885 grant from the William G. and Helen C. Hoffman Foundation for the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children. This is the largest grant the organization has ever received. Thanks to five additional grants from the Lydia deForest Charitable Trust over

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6 Steps to Prevent Foreclosures In Your Community

  When it comes to foreclosures, there’s good news and bad news. The good news? Overall foreclosure rates have fallen across the country. The bad news? New Jersey is still one of the top five states with the highest foreclosure rates. It’s not just foreclosure rates that are problematic. The length of time properties have

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Affordable Housing Grants vs Loans

Grants Vs. Loans for Affordable Housing: Which Is Best?

We believe all communities should offer safe, affordable housing for residents. In fact, one of our core services is providing affordable housing for low-income households. We love helping individuals and families stay in their homes for years to come. One of the ways we bring affordable housing to communities is by establishing a residential rehab

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The Shift from Funding Placemaking to Creative Placemaking Initiatives

For years, funding placemaking projects have been central to many community development initiatives. Investing in the local arts and its integration into broader plans is also quickly becoming a key ingredient. More local and national municipalities are ensuring that the arts and cultural programming are part of their revitalization process so they can strengthen their community’s

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How to find Grants Vineland NJ

5 Tips to Craft a Winning Grant Application

Did you know that the majority of grant applications are rejected almost immediately? The top reason they’re rejected is because applicants didn’t do their research ahead of time and skipped steps that are crucial to standing out from competitors. Writing a successful grant proposal is a delicate balance of art, science and education. Whether you’re a

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