How a Grant Can Help Your Business

Raising capital. The dark cloud that looms over countless operations. Whether you’re a community outreach program, nonprofit, or small business, the task of funding projects can prove tiresome.

Grants can be an invaluable resource to organizations looking to explore new opportunities. Purpose, execution strategies, and an effective grant writing plan are critical components in securing this funding. If done properly, this money can act as a ray of sunshine.

Finance a business concept

The beauty of grants is in their exclusivity. “I’m a business owner,” isn’t going to convince a funder. Funding your business must in turn benefit the community. Granting sources have goals of their own and want to align themselves with organizations whose partnerships will lead to positive results.

Let’s say you’re a local fire company in need of capital to recruit new volunteer firefighters. Grants can be a great way to raise these funds.

Some things the fire company would need to present are:

  • Recruitment plan
  • Current number of volunteers to current number of fire jobs
  • Fund allocation strategy
  • Total volunteer goal

With this information in hand, the fire company clearly cares about the safety of its community and realizes a lack of man power. This plan paired with a grant writing strategy that stresses need and highlights individuality can save lives.

Gain visibility in your community

Unlike the fire company, your brand doesn’t have a household name to parlay to victory. You proudly serve a niche market, but still need a way to raise money. While notoriety and brand awareness may be an asset in many cases, in grant gifting it means one thing. Competition. So maybe your community of youth code developers in need of new hard drives to store data and expand registration capacity isn’t so stranded after all.

Niches and specialized markets provide the ideal platform to show your heart strings. Technology is the future. Teaching a new generation, the benefits of an ever-changing industry can lead to so many new jobs. This is exactly the type of investment donors want to be part of. This passion project is now off and running. A grant can take your small operation to the masses and drive a greater interest and understanding into your operation. Additional funding means more eyes. More eyes mean greater opportunity for further investments.

Triad Grant Writing

Triad Associates know the value of grants. It’s easy to see. Writing them on the other hand is the challenge – one you shouldn’t go at alone. Funds are limited. Your business is your specialty, grant writing is ours. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and Triad can make sure the first is the only one you’ll need.


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