Securing the ECWAG Grant for Woodbine Borough

Securing the ECWAG Grant for Woodbine Borough

The Borough of Woodbine was recently awarded a $990,770 Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grant (ECWAG) grant from the US Department of Agriculture to remediate a former industrial site that is threatening a public water supply in the community.  The grant was written by Triad Associates.


The ECWAG program enables water systems that serve eligible rural communities to prepare for, or recover from, emergencies that threaten their safe drinking water.


Woodbine will be using its nearly-$1 million in grant funding to eliminate a potential water contamination threat at the former Hat Factory site, which is directly adjacent to one of the Borough’s drinking water wells.  The project, estimated to take 18 months to complete, will clean the soils, prevent potential seepage of contaminated groundwater into the water well, and cap the site.


In addition to helping maintain a healthy water system for residents and businesses in Woodbine, it is anticipated that the work will also allow the parcel to be utilized for redevelopment opportunities.


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