The Grant Process

If you’re an organization seeking funding in the form of a grant in New Jersey, you know.

  • “Grants are not for everyone”
  • “Grants are hard to obtain”
  • “Grant writing is a long and arduous task”

Grants do not have to be painful, or arduous. Knowing the grant process is the difference between agony and a securing funds. (And that’s good for you.)

Here are the key components:

Define Project

The grant process starts with outlining your project and laying out your plan of action. This includes developing measurable goals and objectives, along with expected outcomes. From Clean Energy Programs, to Urban Redevelopment, to Employee Training Grants, New Jersey has plenty to offer businesses and organizations striving to better the community.

If you’re a non-profit looking for government funding for land and equipment acquisition, your project outline would delineate a plan for how these funds would be utilized, and the associated impact.

For example, an “organization” Pals for Pets is a location that partners with local animal shelters to give children the ability to interact with adoption-eligible animals. The goal? Fund a space that will work to eliminate the number of pets in shelters, and the stigma that every pet must be “purchased new.” The funds will go toward renovations and play spaces for children and animals, with the funder helping with an important problem in the state.

Match Needs with Opportunity

Applying for and obtaining grants requires a great deal of research. Due to the timely nature of the projects, shooting for the first sight of “grant funding” can be a mistake. If the last heading was any indication, a wide array of funding opportunities also means a high level of specialization. Without proper preparation an organization runs the risk of pursuing ineligible opportunities.

Staying up to date on funding programs and opportunities is something we at Triad manage on a daily basis. Our ability to coordinate with a wide range of funding entities enables us to properly advise clients on the feasibility of a potential application. This in turn, eliminates the need for that great deal of research on your part.

Know Deadlines

Here’s a spoiler: knowing deadlines is important. The availability of grant funding typically attracts a large number of potential applicants. If you’re looking to stand out from the masses, it is of utmost importance to meet the deadline.

Following up with a submitted application is a great tip. Requesting feedback can be an invaluable asset to measure where your team is at in terms of your goals.


Once you have properly worked out and researched your individual grant project, it’s time for the “long writing process.” Luckily for you, that’s our specialty. Triad Associates is the premier name in grant writing in New Jersey. We work tirelessly with funding agencies to help find solutions that will turn your vision into reality.


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